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Acres - Clevinger

Acres - Clevinger

Gonna try add a release at least every other day to MusicBrainz and Not For Airplay. Today's release is Acres by Clevinger:


Let's Encrypt

Testing out Let's Encrypt on Cabbit Media, Existid, and Not For Airplay.

Gotta remember to check and see if the auto renewal works in a month.


Bit Pit

Hahaha... I got the recorder solo. Grab Bit Pit here: logybit.itch.io/bitpit


Added Album Cover Art

Not For Airplay

(Screenshot above is for Startin' Up a Posse - Anthrax)

A few updates here and there. Added album cover art. Cleaned up search results a bit. Not sure how I feel about the layout so far though.

Not bad for a lunch break though, haha.

New Albums - Week of September 21, 2015

Haha... not sure if this is plausable every week, but here's a first shot at doing this for notforairplay.com:

Will add in release mbids later, for album cover art. Not gonna do all release mbids, only the most common.

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