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Old pic I recovered from my PowerBook G4 last night.

Booted up my PowerBook G4 using Finnix. Was able to mount my old hard drive and recover a few files. The hard drive was making horrible, evil robot sounds while I was copying files to a USB flash drive. But I was able to recover some source code I was working on. And that's just awesome. Might use Finnix and a USB flash drive to turn the PowerBook G4 into some sort of server in the future. Good thing I kept it.

FLAC 1.2.0

FLAC has updated to 1.2.0. Check for more info here. Always like to see FLAC progress.

Also, went recording at Nextdoor last night to record Dolls Till Daylight. Pretty fun. Megum Pie opened and closed the night. Dolls Till Daylight played some new material. The sound system has been constantly getting better at Nextdoor. It has had its ups and downs, due to change in equipment, but overall, it's been getting better.

Hopefully by August 2, it'll be stable and great.

Lotus Soundbar

The Spacifics at Lotus Soundbar, July 21, 2007

The Spacifics at Lotus Soundbar, July 21, 2007.

Went recording at Lotus Soundbar last night, since the Spacifics were playing. Was hoping they would be playing upstairs, but no luck. It was downstairs. In small areas such as downstairs at Lotus, recording live bands is always difficult. Initially, I wanted to have my mics coming from the ceiling, but there was nothing to clip them on to (the lights were a part of the ceiling, not coming out of), so I ended up putting them near the PA system's left speaker, so they would pick up the vocals clearly, pick up all of the instruments, and avoid audience chatter. There was no way I'd be able to have a set up within the audience, the place was packed. The recording would've came out fine, but every so often, my mics would get caught by the speaker's air burst. Argh.

Hopefully better luck next time.

Working on it


Yeah, I'm working on it. Coding away like crazy.

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