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No one can ever tell you your future. They can only tell you something that might have happened if they told you nothing.

The Stream Cipher Rabbit

Been playing around with implementations of Rabbit. I like it a lot. Or maybe it's the name that I like. Haha.. Anyhow, been writing some software that makes use of stream ciphers. But my eyes have been hurting more quickly from staring at the screen. Bleh.

A SimpleText File

I found another live version of it. Check it out here. I like it.

Lessons from the Listmaker

Lessons from the Listmaker by Stephen Orsak is a nice release from Hippocamp. Download it here.

Just revisiting things that I listen to this time of year. This is great to listen to in a high rise apartment building, on the roof, if you can.

Perpetual Autumn EP - Vim

Yeah, I know, it's an old release. But during this time of year, it sounds really, really good on repeat. Download it here.


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