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No one can ever tell you your future. They can only tell you something that might have happened if they told you nothing.

My compy speakers

After four good years of use, they died on me. I am super bummy. I got nothing to replace them with. And it is too quiet now.

They changed it

The radio station at work is no longer the Zone. It might be back to Krater 96. Argh. Back to work.

My ears are okay

I think... I let them vibrate a little too much on Tuesday night, but that was only one day before I should be okay, according to the doctors. We'll see.

Missed a lot of shows though, which sucked. I guess to make up for it, I might be going to three shows tomorrow night. First off is a show at UH Hemenway Hall Courtyard, Hip Hop on the 1, with Vitalsee, Bless 'DChil,' and more, 7-930pm. Then there's the Soul Clap at 39 Hotel, with opening set by Sifu, who makes good produce, 9pm-2am. Afterwards, there's Hip Hop at the Trops, Hunger Pains and Nomasterbacks, which usually starts around 10-11pm, I think.

But before all of that, I gonna work 7am-6pm. I gonna need lots and lots of Red Bull. Hopefully I remember not to drink tasty coffee at work, that gives me a heavy, early crash.

Antibiotics in my ears

Can't record much for a week or so. No loud events, no getting water in my ears. I got cuts in my ear canals, and they need some time to heal. Sorry everybody.

Being early


An empty stage at the Next Movement, August 2, 2007.

The problem with being a taper is that I always end up going to shows several hours before they actually happen, just to check out the set up of the venue and to set up my equipment. But after I'm done setting up, I always end up asking myself, "Now what?"


Stan Still setting up at the Next Movement, August 2, 2007.

I usually end up watching everybody else set up. Watch the bar set up (grab some drinks if i have cash). Watch the sound check (if it ever happens).

Anyhow, lots of people are emailing me, demanding that i record Kid Koala at Nextdoor, August 16, 2007, a show I actually don't really want to do work at and just enjoy. But it's looking like I'm gonna be there early.

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